This age group have their own characteristics that will help in protecting as well as finding them if missing.
It is very important to know more about this age group capabilities in order to find them.

These kids are especially vulnerable due to their trusting attitude. This is related to the fact that these children usually think of things literally, “what you see is what you get”. They lack logic and frequently assign human attributes to inanimate objects.

Generally, these kids can speak language fluently. They usually know up to 2000 words in the vocabulary. They can use all parts of speech.

They are prone to pedestrian and motor vehicle accidents, drowning, electrical injuries, burns and needle sticks. They are easily manipulated.

This group can use their fingers and hand to draw a circle, a square, a cross or a 6-part person. They enjoy projects, can tie shoes, button up, brush their teeth, climb steps and can run. They can also ride a tricycle.

Well, you may ask” how do I use this knowledge or information”?

A parent or guardian should always be at alert regarding the vulnerable spots of kids in his or her care.

I’ll illustrate what I mean with this example.

The fact that the group enjoys participating in activities, any child in this group should be allowed to achieve this milestone of play, but must be supervised when engaging in activities with others, especially with non family members or strangers.

The fact that these kids can run, or climb into a car or up the stairs, you must follow the child, watching where he or she goes at all times. They love to experiment and are very trusting. So, its easy for a predator to lure these kids into a car, a house or what have you.