Protecting a baby starts before pregnancy. Many things need consideration from family and friends to the baby’s future home. Once pregnant, the mother has to protect herself and the baby from criminal prying eyes by knowing very well who her friends and foe are, who has her and her baby’s best interest at heart. Mothers. I am not trying to scare you. This is serious business. In as much as you are happy, trying to continue building day-by-day on the uncertainty of pregnancy and delivery, you must protect yourself and your baby. Most people are very happy for you and will go out of their way to help you, but, always remember that you are more vulnerable at this stage and time. If I were in your shoes, I’ll be careful around anyone that is desperate to have a baby who also may have a shady character. I may not go behind doors with strangers alone.

It is very scary when, today, I see on television that some desperate kidnappers, men or women, go to the extent of kidnapping the mother for her unborn child, and sometimes ripping the womb open to deliver the baby themselves while the mother is left in pain to bleed to death. Therefore, as a new mom, it is paramount that you protect yourself and your baby. Do not go anywhere you are not sure you can come out alive, and always know and be aware of your surroundings for quick getaway in an event that may warrant your sudden exit.   A little note here about development of a child before and after birth:

What influences a child’s development?

Major influential attributes to a developing child are:

  1. Genetic predisposition – various genetic abnormalities like fragile X syndrome or Down syndrome can have a toll on development.
  • Culture – cultural food, habits, customs etc. can tremendously affect development.


  • Prenatal exposure – mother’s health, drugs, alcohol & tobacco, folic acid etc.

Mothers remember or know that your baby’s placenta is like a large mouth that eats anything that enters into it. It usually cannot pick and choose what enters into it and your baby is incapable of rejecting most things that reaches it through the placenta. As long as the food particles are small enough to enter, your baby eats it too. Therefore, if you are smoking, taking drugs or drinking alcohol, your baby is taking them with you.