Each day, a child is abused, exploited or go missing.
It can be the worst nightmare for the child whose life and safety are at risk. For the parents or guardian, it is unimaginable what they feel or are going through.
Findingmissingchildren.org is on a mission to help the soceity as a whole deal with problems of child exploitation and abduction. We try to highlight different things someone can do to protect a child from going through this growing nightmare of society.

It is my honest opinion that whatever it is and whoever we are dealing with, having an interest in other peoples’ children and yours to have them have a positive life experience is a valuable contribution for safe neighborhoods.

Children will soon grow up to become adults and in most cases, they do not forget what happened to them.

Missing children are never forgotten regardless of how long they’ve been away from home. the main thing is to protect the child from harm so that child is safe and no worries after all.

My niece is missing which is why I started this website and our organization. There’s no day or moment that passes by that I don’t think of her. Its a gruelling psychological problem that has refused to go away until my niece is found.